Research In Brief – Terms Related to Employment

In 2016 we began the Research In Focus series, highlighting new and interesting findings from NIDILRR-funded studies, presented in a reader-friendly format. As a follow up, we offer our new occasional series Research In Brief, where we break down some of the terms you might find in peer-reviewed studies.

In this month’s Research in Brief, we define terms related to employment for people with disabilities. These include:

  • Competitive employment is a standard job with a business or organization, that is not specifically designed for people with disabilities. Competitive jobs pay employees with disabilities at the same level as employees without disabilities. Competitive integrated employment means the workplace includes people with and without disabilities.
  • Supported employment is competitive employment, but with supports and accommodations specifically tailored to a person’s disability. For example, supported employment might involve help finding a job, a job coach, or a personal assistant to help with physical tasks on the job. Supported employment may also involve linking the employee with coworkers or others who can provide supports at work.
  • Transition services are services for youth with disabilities that prepare them to move from high school to employment or college. Examples of transition services include instruction in “soft skills” like interviewing, job searching, or resume writing; counseling on colleges or vocational schools to attend after high school; or internships to give youth experience in the workplace.

We’ve highlighted research in these areas in the Research In Focus series in the following articles:

Please visit the Research In Focus series to learn more about NIDILRR-funded research in this and other areas. Dive deeper into the research in this area by searching our REHABDATA index of disability and rehabilitation research literature. Sign up for our weekly News and Notes newsletter for more news, resources, events, and opportunities to participate in this kind of research in your community.

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