Living with SCI: A Legless Summer

Pascale Honore and her sons Morgan and Tom are hitting the road this summer on what they call a “Legless Summer” trip. The 50-year-old Australian native remembers growing up along the coastal town of Elliston, doing what she loved—surfing. That was until things changed 18 years ago. Honore was involved in an auto-accident resulting in a T4 spinal injury and paraplegia. After months of rehabilitation, Honore’s return home was bitter-sweet.

“It was pretty hard at the beginning to get back,” she said. “Going back to Elliston was difficult because suddenly there’s [sic] all these things that I loved doing that I couldn’t do anymore.” After some time, however, watching her sons surfing fueled her desires to somehow get back in the ocean and surf.

“When we first came up with the idea,” said surfer Tyron Swan, a close friend of her sons. “I thought ‘Well, I could duct tape you to my back and surf.'”

Turns out that idea worked and now they are hitting the road in search of the best waves the Australian coast has to offer. Watch Pascale and Swan hit the beach in this video.

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