Give Us Your Feedback!!

Ed Note: We posted this about a month ago. As providers of library and information services, we need to know how we can help you: the researcher, the therapist, the person with a disability. What services, products, or publications would you like to see here? Are there conferences we should attend? Can we help your students or staff to find research or organizations which would be appropriate for their classes or projects? Your input is really invaluable. Please take a moment, hit the link below, and give us your thoughts.

Dear NARIC users:

Thank you for your interest and use of the NARIC web site. NARIC has been providing disability and rehabilitation information to the public since the 1978 through several channels including the Internet, telephone, and in-person services.

In an effort to continue to advance NARIC services, it is of great interest to hear from you, the NARIC users, about how NARIC can be of further service to you and how NARIC services can be structured/expanded in ways that will be most useful to you.

If you are interested in providing your input, please send an email with your input/suggestions to Please use the subject line “NARIC Input” in your email.

Thank you again for your continuing interest in NARIC, and hope to hear from you soon!

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