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Spinal Cord Injury Awareness Month – Checking In with the NIDILRR SCI Projects

For National SCI Awareness Month, we check in with the latest NIDILRR-funded centers and projects conducting research and development to support independence across the life span. Continue reading

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Quick Looks: Research and Development to Support People with Limb Loss/Limb Difference

April is Limb Loss and Limb Difference Awareness Month. According to the Amputee Coalition, more than 2 million Americans are living with limb loss or limb difference, and about 28 million are at risk for amputation surgeries in any year … Continue reading

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21st Century Innovation – A Quick Look at High Tech Research from the NIDILRR Community

Last week’s Consumer Electronics Show featured cutting-edge technology for home, work, health, entertainment, transportation, and so much more. Amid the concept cars and homes of the future was technology that is already changing lives. Technologies like virtual reality, autonomous vehicles, … Continue reading

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Answered Questions: Monthly News for the Disability Community for January 2018

Answered Questions is a monthly resource for the Spanish language Disability Community that fills an information need. This month’s question is: How are robots used in rehabilitation? This edition of Answered Questions includes items that discuss wearable robots to aid … Continue reading

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Cool Tech on Cold Days: CES ’17

Here in DC, we’re bundled up against some seriously arctic temperatures. But this chill is nothing compared to the level of COOL on exhibit at the Consumer Electronics Show this past weekend in Las Vegas. Developers showed off everything from … Continue reading

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Ain’t It Cool?

It may be 90 degrees outside but in here we’re thinking cool: Cool technology from the NIDILRR community? We’re fortunate to be a pert of a community that works on some of the latest technology supporting the independence and participation … Continue reading

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