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Answered Questions for December 2021: Dental and Oral Health for People with Disabilities

Answered Questions is a monthly resource for the Spanish language Disability Community that fills an information need. This month’s question is: My son has a disability, and it can be a challenge to help him maintain his dental/oral health. Where … Continue reading

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Resources for the Rural Disability Community from the NIDILRR Community

People with disabilities may live in a wide range of areas, from densely populated urban areas to rural areas where neighbors are few and far between. NIDILRR-funded research has shown that people with disabilities residing in urban and rural areas … Continue reading

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Mental Health, the Holidays, and COVID-19: Tips to Maintain Our Mental Health During the Holidays and the Pandemic

The holiday season often presents a dizzying array of demands – from cooking meals and cleaning to shopping and entertaining family and friends. These demands may bring unwelcome guests – stress, depression, and other mental health issues. As the COVID-19 … Continue reading

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REDI: Advocating for the Civil and Human Rights of People with Disabilities

The Network for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (REDI, acronym in Spanish) (in Spanish) is a non-profit organization based in Argentina that works towards the fulfillment of the civil and human rights of people with disabilities following a social … Continue reading

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Resources from the NIDILRR Community for Children with Disabilities, Their Families, and Service Providers

Children may be born with disabilities, such as physical and developmental disabilities. Some children may experience disabilities at or shortly after birth, such as cerebral palsy. Other children may not be diagnosed with disabilities until they are in school, such … Continue reading

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Spanish Federation of Prosthetic Orthotists: Uniting People with Disabilities and Prosthetic and Orthopedic Professionals

The Spanish Federation of Prosthetic Orthotists (FEDOP, Spanish acronym) (in Spanish) is the first state-level federation in Spain that brings together orthopedic professionals, manufacturers, and distributors and represents all professionals related to orthopedics in national and international forums. FEDOP is … Continue reading

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Disability Pride Month: Celebrating People with Disabilities

Disability Pride Month is celebrated every July in recognition of people with disabilities, much like Black History Month in February, LGBTQIA+ Pride Month in June, and Hispanic Heritage Month in September celebrate these communities. According to the National Council on … Continue reading

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Time for a Vacation? Learn About Accessible Travel and Tourism!

According to the United Nations, it is estimated that there are over 1 billion people with disabilities around the world. When you include family members and caregivers, more than 2 billion people are part of the disability community. This community … Continue reading

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Fundación Saldarriaga Concha: Supporting the Full Inclusion of People with Disabilities and Older Adults in Colombia

The Fundación Saldarriaga Concha (in Spanish) is a not-for-profit organization in Colombia that supports the full inclusion and rights of people with disabilities and older adults by helping to transform Colombia into a solidary society that recognizes and respects these … Continue reading

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Discapacidad Colombia: A National Directory of Organizations About and For People with Disabilities

Discapacidad Colombia (in Spanish), a free online portal prepared by the General Directorate for the Promotion of Work at the Ministry of Social Protection, is an information and guidance tool for people with disabilities, their families, providers, organizations, and other … Continue reading

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