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ASEM Federation: Uniting Associations, Foundations, and People with Neuromuscular Diseases and Disabilities

The Spanish Federation of Neuromuscular Diseases (Fundación ASEM, Spanish acronym) (in Spanish) is a non-profit, non-governmental organization that unites associations and foundations in Spain related to neuromuscular diseases and disabilities. Currently, the Federation consists of 29 federated entities, representing more … Continue reading

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May is Neuropathy Awareness Month

May continues to be a busy month for observances, including Neuropathy Awareness Month. What is neuropathy? Neuropathy, also known as peripheral neuropathy, is a result of nerve damage that can cause numbness and pain in your hands and feet. According … Continue reading

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The Flu and Disability: Know the Risks

‘Tis the flu season and doctors are warning people with disabilities to be extra cautious during this time. Current studies suggest, that because of the various muscular, respiratory, or other physical conditions children and adults living with disabilities may experience, … Continue reading

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Funding Opportunity: 2 RTCs on Health and Wellness

Grants.gov announced Requests for Proposals for two new Rehabilitation Research and Training Centers (RTC). The first focuses on health and wellness of individuals with neuromuscular diseases. The second focuses on health and wellness of individuals with arthritis. What is a … Continue reading

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