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Victor Villaseñor: Writer, Lecturer, Advocate, and Latino with a Disability

In honor of Hispanic heritage Month, we are highlighting members of the Latino community who are also members of the disability community. Victor Villaseñor was born in 1940 in Carlsbad, California and was raised on a ranch in Oceanside, California. … Continue reading

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Proposed Thesaurus Terms

After a careful review of the current REHABDATA Thesaurus, NARIC staff have recommended the following terms to be added to the next edition. We welcome any comments or questions regarding these changes. American Indian/Alaska Native This term will replace Native … Continue reading

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People-First from a Personal Perspective

Coming from a journalistic background, I knew all about the power of words and the importance of wording. When I first started at NARIC and was introduced to People-First Language, I understood the notion but the ethos of the community … Continue reading

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What are developmental disorders of language?

This question is not an easy question to answer! However, the authors of Developmental Disorders of Language (NARIC Accession #: R07731), C. Adams, B. Bryers-Brown, and M. Edwards, explain the different aspects, indications, behaviors, etc. They also explain this invisible … Continue reading

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Changing Terms: Senate votes to drop “mental retardation”

Rosa’s Law, introduced to the Senate in November 2007, would change the language used in Federal documents from mental retardation (MR) to intellectual disabilities (ID).  The REHABDATA Thesaurus currently uses the terms mental retardation and developmental disabilities (DD) to index … Continue reading

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