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Research and Social Media: How to connect with the NIDILRR community.

In the age of social media, there is a multitude of platforms that we can all utilize to find the latest news and information and to connect with others from around the world. These social media platforms include Twitter, Facebook, … Continue reading

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Google anuncia una iniciativa de $20 millones para las Personas con Discapacidad – Desafío de Impacto de Google: Discapacidad

Google ha anunciado que proporcionará $20 millones en subvenciones de Google.org para las organizaciones sin fines de lucro que utilizan la tecnología emergente para aumentar la independencia de personas viviendo con discapacidades. La iniciativa, “Desafío de Impacto de Google: Discapacidades” … Continue reading

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Google Announces a $20 million Initiative for People with Disabilities—Google Impact Challenge: Disabilities.

Google has announced it will be providing $20 million in Google.org grants for non-profit organizations utilizing emerging technology to increase independence of people living with disabilities. The initiative, “Google Impact Challenge: Disabilities” is designed to address the needs of the … Continue reading

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How do you use social media?

A new toolkit was recently developed by the Federal Social Media Community of Practice working group on accessible social media. The toolkit includes guidelines and instructions for making Facebook posts, Twitter messages, and YouTube videos accessible for followers with disabilities. … Continue reading

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The Autonomous Automobile

Google turned heads two years ago when the Silicon-valley giant unveiled its innovative self-driving car. With recent video surfacing of real-world tests, many believe this  “auto-automotive” triumph will transform the way we travel. This revolutionary piece of assistive technology operates … Continue reading

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