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Preparing, Enduring, and Recovering from Dorian

September is National Preparedness Month, sponsored by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). As Hurricane Dorian moves up the East Coast of the US, communities are preparing for or recovering from the damage caused by high winds, flooding, and electrical … Continue reading

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Preparándose, perdurando, y recuperándose de Dorian

Septiembre es el Mes Nacional de Preparación (en inglés), patrocinado por la Agencia Federal para el Manejo de Emergencias (FEMA, por sus siglas en inglés). A medida que el huracán Dorian avanza por la costa este de los EEUU, las … Continue reading

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Los desastres ocurren – Comunicarse y prepararse

Los desastres, grandes y pequeños, pueden ocurrir en cualquier momento. Podemos predecir algunos, como huracanes y tormentas de nieve. Otra huelga con poca advertencia, como terremotos e incendios forestales. Pueden destruir comunidades enteras, o simplemente el hogar de una persona. … Continue reading

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2015 Wireless Emergency Alert Survey Seeks Feedback to Improve Accessibility of Emergency Alerts and Warnings

Georgia Tech’s Center for Advance Communications Policy, is conducting a survey on Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA). The survey is designed to gauge user’s awareness of WEA, and the accessibility and usefulness of these type of messages. Responses will be used … Continue reading

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Emergency preparedness: Are you ready?

Emergencies can happen at any time and planning ahead can help you and your family stay safe.  Examples of emergencies include natural disasters like floods, earthquakes, and massive storms; man-made events such as terrorism; pandemics, such as flu pandemics; and … Continue reading

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Get Prepared for Weather Emergencies

Well, if you haven’t noticed by now, we’re at the start of Tornado Season. Low rainfall also means drought across many parts of the US, raising the risk of brush fires. So how can you prepare yourself for inclement weather, … Continue reading

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