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NIDILRR-Funded Consumer Products: Education for People with Disabilities

People with disabilities have the right to an education, just like their peers without disabilities. However, people with disabilities, including children and young people with disabilities, may face barriers to their education and within the educational system in their communities. … Continue reading

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What is intimacy?

According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, intimacy is a “state of being intimate or familiar” and “something of a personal or private nature”. To be intimate, according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, means to be “marked by a warm friendship developing through … Continue reading

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FEVEDI: Improving the Quality of Life and Increasing the Rights of People with Disabilities, Their Families, Their Caregivers, and Their Community in Venezuela

The Venezuelan Federation of Associations and Foundations of People with Intellectual and Psychosocial Disabilities and other Integration Disorders (FEVEDI, acronym in Spanish) (in Spanish) is a coalition of foundations and associations in Venezuela focused on improving the quality of life … Continue reading

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Answered Questions for October 2022: Employment Equity for People with Disabilities

Answered Questions is a monthly resource for the Spanish language Disability Community that fills an information need. This month’s question is: I’m an advocate who focuses on employment – I’m excited to see more opportunities for people with disabilities, but … Continue reading

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Ask a Librarian: What is Inclusive Employment?

October is National Disability Employment Month (NDEAM), which recognizes the vital role that people with disabilities play in a diverse and inclusive workforce, celebrates the contributions of workers with disabilities past and present, and highlights supportive and inclusive employment policies … Continue reading

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If You Liked… Disability in the Latino Community

For Hispanic Heritage Month, NARIC’s information specialists wanted to look at how the view of disability within the Latino, now called Latinx, community has begun to change. In some circles, our information specialists have observed that the view of disability … Continue reading

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The IDEAL Foundation: Comprehensive Rehabilitation Services and Inclusion of People with Disabilities and Neurological Disorders in Colombia

The IDEAL Foundation for Comprehensive Rehabilitation (in Spanish) is a non-profit organization founded in April 1965 in Colombia by the Rotary Club of Cali, Colombia. The IDEAL Foundation is a center of excellence in neurodevelopment, a health service provider institution, … Continue reading

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Ask a Librarian: Is Bingo Therapeutic?

“My son attends a day program and loves the weekly Bingo game that the recreation therapist puts on the calendar. Is that really a kind of therapy or is it just fun?” Bingo is a popular and fun activity played … Continue reading

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NIDILRR-Funded Consumer Products: Advocacy

Advocacy may be defined as the act or process of supporting something, such as a person, cause, or policy, and to act as an advocate for someone. Due to various barriers, people with disabilities may need to advocate for themselves … Continue reading

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What is Climate Change and How Does It Affect People with Disabilities?

According to the United Nations (UN), climate change “refers to long-term shifts in temperature and weather patterns.” These changes in temperature and weather patterns may be natural. The shifts in weather patterns and temperature may also be man-made. These changes … Continue reading

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