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Heading Off to College – NIDILRR-Funded Research Supporting College Students with Disabilities

NARIC Spotlight focuses on current NIDILRR-funded research and resources focusing on college students with disabilities and supporting their academic and/or employment success. Continue reading

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It’s almost time to go back to school. Are you ready?

August is here and that means that parents, students with disabilities, and teachers are starting to prepare for the new school year. For students with disabilities and their families, this can be a stressful, yet exciting, time. NARIC’s information specialists … Continue reading

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Making Your Way in the World – Resources for Young People with DS and Their Families

October is Down Syndrome Awareness Month, sponsored by the National Down Syndrome Society. Down syndrome (DS) is a genetic disorder that results in intellectual and developmental disability. It can also cause physical disabilities, such as heart conditions, and sensory disabilities, … Continue reading

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Survey opp for college athletes

Our colleagues at the Kessler Foundation are reaching out to college athletes for a new survey: Kessler Foundation is studying history of injury among college students involved in team sports. You can help us by completing a brief 5-15 minute online survey. Who can participate? You … Continue reading

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Off to College

This week, students across the US will be heading to college. First year students will be moving into dorm rooms and meeting new roommates. Returning students will be reconnecting with friends and professors. Across campus, students with disabilities may be navigating additional … Continue reading

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Welcome to Senior Year: Preparing for Transition

Between pool parties and trips to the beach, you may have noticed that back-to-school commercials have started popping up on TV and online. In a few short weeks, students will be heading back to school and families are getting ready! … Continue reading

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Answered Questions: Monthly News for the Disability Community for June 2015

Answered Questions is a monthly resource for the Spanish language Disability Community that fills an information need. Each month, we look through the searches on our blog and through the information requests made by our patrons who speak Spanish and … Continue reading

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Disability Awareness Campaigns in Colleges and Universities

Recently, a patron asked us if we were aware of any colleges and universities that hold autism spectrum disorder (ASD) awareness campaigns on their campuses. We broadened the question to disability awareness campaigns and spoke with several Disability Services Offices … Continue reading

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Campuses Light Up for Autism Awareness

The Autism Speaks organization is encouraging college campuses to get involved with Autism Awareness Month through its Autism U Campaign. Autism U is a collective effort among institutions of higher learning to get students and student organizations to partake in … Continue reading

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Two New Publications from the Temple University Collaborative on Community Inclusion!

The NIDRR-funded Temple University Collaborative on Community Inclusion has two new publications: Future Research Recommendations Report The report is a guide to community inclusion researchers in the years ahead.  The full set of recommendations was developed at the Collaborative’s Second … Continue reading

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