NIDILRR-Funded Consumer Products: Physical and Occupational Therapies

According to the National Library of Medicine (NLM), physical therapy (PT) “may include certain exercises, massages and treatments based on physical stimuli (e.g., heat, cold, electrical currents or ultrasound).” The objective of PT is to relieve pain, help you move better, or strengthen weakened muscles. PT also shows patients with and without disabilities what they can do themselves to improve their own health. People with disabilities may require PT to improve their physical abilities, their muscles, and their health. People may also require PT after a stroke, spinal cord injury, burn injury, or other injury, among others. 

Occupational therapy (OT), according to NLM, helps people with and without disabilities “to live their lives more independently” and cope with a new mental or physical limitation. This includes being able to take care of oneself, work, or go to school. OT includes retraining everyday skills; learning and practicing skills for school, work, or free time; manual and creative exercises; modification of your home or workplace; driving; learning to use assistive technology (AT); and more. Family members may also get useful tips and advice from an occupational therapist.  

NARIC’s information specialists are often asked for information and resources related to PT and OT for children, youth, and adults with disabilities, along with older adults with and without disabilities, and for information and resources for their family members. For December, we are sharing NIDILRR-funded consumer products related to PT and OT. They may include guides, factsheets, and infocomics, among others. 

Below, you will find just a few examples of evidence-based consumer products on PT and OT produced by the NIDILRR Grantee community: 

To learn more about these and other products from the NIDILRR community, contact NARIC’s information specialists

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