The Chilean Down21 Group:  Working Towards the Education and Inclusion of People with Down Syndrome

The Chilean Down21 Group (Down21 Chile) (in Spanish) is a network of parents, institutions, and professionals who work toward the education and inclusion of people with Down syndrome. The goals of Down21 Chile are to disseminate programs, methods, and activities that serve all people with Down syndrome, especially for those whose families lack the economic means to provide their child with an enriching environment; disseminate research that is regularly updated and that has real-world possibilities; and promote the inclusion of people with Down syndrome in the Chilean workforce with support, among others. The Group’s services include free early care for low-income families in collaboration with San José Hospital and Universidad Mayor; job placement in state agencies for adults with Down syndrome; delivery of international scholarships related to training for parents of children with Down syndrome and the professionals that assist them; training at the international level for teachers; support for families with newborn children with Down syndrome; free dental care for low-income families in Valparaíso, Chile; workshops for people with Down syndrome and other disabilities about their rights; and promoting laws and policies to improve living conditions for people with Down syndrome, among others. As part of its work, Down21 Chile created the Miranda Campus (in Spanish), an online platform to provide training and education to parents and professionals. Their library (in Spanish) is full of documents related to the education, employment, and inclusion of people with Down syndrome in Chile and around Latin America. Their publications (in Spanish) include research articles, calls to action, and other documents on a variety of topics that include civil rights, discrimination, early interventions, and more. Finally, Down21 Chile’s videos (in Spanish) include webinars, news on marches for inclusion, and campaigns on inclusion.

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