Burn Research in Focus for Burn Awareness Week

This week marks National Burn Awareness Week, organized by the American Burn Association. When this annual campaign comes around, we turn to the Burn Model System Centers and nearly 30 years of research in burn injury rehabilitation. These centers conduct research on the spectrum of rehabilitation care from acute rehabilitation in a hospital setting to integration back into the community. The current centers are focusing on understanding the trajectory of recovery and community re-integration for burn survivors, physiologic outcomes from massive burn injuries, Vitamin D and burn recovery, and using virtual reality in home rehabilitation, among other projects.

We have covered several Burn Model System studies in our Research In Focus series. These articles demonstrate the variety of areas where these products focus their efforts:

In addition to conducting research, these centers also collaborate with the Model Systems Knowledge Translation Center to develop information products like factsheets, infocomics, video series, and hot topic modules for burn injury survivors, caregivers, and professionals who support recovery. These research-based publications also cover a wide array of topics from healthy eating to managing psychological distress to returning to work and school. Burn survivors, caregivers, and health professionals can help test new publications to ensure they are meeting the information needs of the community. Learn how you can help!

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