NDEAM: Employment Research In Focus

As National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM) continues, we’re exploring some of the employment research we’ve covered in our regular series, Research In Focus. This series highlights new and interesting findings from NIDILRR-funded studies, presented in lay language summaries in English and Spanish. We work directly with study authors to ensure we accurately capture and present study findings and their implications for people with disabilities, practitioners, and the greater disability and rehabilitation community.

Since the series launched in 2016, we’ve covered the more than 40 studies on employment, from trials of employment interventions to qualitative studies to understand the experiences of workers and job seekers with disabilities.

Investigating Employment Strategies

Helping Young Workers with Disabilities Succeed

Creating Inclusive Workplaces/Workforces

Returning to the Workforce or Exploring Self-Employment

Understanding the Experience of Workers with Disabilities

Working with Vocational Rehabilitation

Are you interested in research summaries like these? Explore the full Research In Focus series and learn more about plain language research summaries and how the NIDILRR grantee community uses them to share their research results with stakeholders.

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