Spanish Federation of Prosthetic Orthotists: Uniting People with Disabilities and Prosthetic and Orthopedic Professionals

The Spanish Federation of Prosthetic Orthotists (FEDOP, Spanish acronym) (in Spanish) is the first state-level federation in Spain that brings together orthopedic professionals, manufacturers, and distributors and represents all professionals related to orthopedics in national and international forums. FEDOP is also the principal accrediting organization for prosthetic orthotists and related professionals (in Spanish) as superior technicians in ortho-prosthetics. FEDOP provides training (in Spanish) and related technical articles (in Spanish) for those who wish to receive this accreditation and for professionals already in the field. FEDOP also provides employment listings to connect prosthetic and orthotic professionals with potential employers (in Spanish). The Foundation provides several services for consumers and professionals alike, including a legal advisory service for professionals (in Spanish), frequently asked questions (in Spanish), news about prosthetics and orthotics (in Spanish) in the community, and a free ortho-prosthetic journal for professionals (in Spanish). Finally, FEDOP also assists consumers in finding a professional in their area through their “Find a Trusted Orthopedic Professional” system (in Spanish).

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