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Here at NARIC, we’re closing in on our 470th edition of News and Notes from the NIDILRR Community and Beyond, our weekly newsletter highlighting the resources, events, and achievements of the NIDILRR grantee community and sharing resources from other trusted sources. We think there’s room in our inboxes for a few other news round-ups from grantees, Federal agencies, and community organizations that will keep you in the know about disability, independent living, and rehabilitation!

From the Grantee Community

Technology and Disability Policy Highlights from the Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center for Wireless Inclusive Technologies is a monthly round up of developments in policy around access to information and communication technology, research from the RERC and elsewhere in building new tech, events, and much more. IMPACTful News & Updates from the IMPACT Center also highlights news and updates from the rehabilitation technology field with a focus on tech transfer.

ADA and Access Matters from the Southeast ADA Regional Center is a weekly brief resources, news, and events around the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and other civil rights laws. Each issue has a theme with featured resources from the ADA National Network, Federal agencies, and national advocacy organizations.

TBI Today from the Virginia Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Model System Center features stories from people living with TBI, research updates, book and resource recommendations, and the Chat with Pat segment, where a TBI expert answers readers’ questions about TBI with compassion and practical advice.

Visit the NIDILRR Program Directory to learn about these and other NIDILRR-funded grantees. Each record includes links to websites and social media channels to hear more about the important work of this community.

From Federal Partners

ODEP News Brief from the Office of Disability Employment Policy (ODEP) at the Department of Labor (DOL) features resources from ODEP and DOL and its grantees and centers, along with policy and guidance updates and news about employment and disability. During the Fall, the ODEP News Brief includes a lot of information about National Disability Employment Awareness Month, with resources to help organizations and agencies celebrate this important event.

OSERS Spotlight from the Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services at the Department of Education highlights resources to support students, educators, and parents, policy and guidance updates, and funding opportunities.

The NCMRR Rehabilitation Research Newsletter from the National Center for Medical Rehabilitation Research at the National Institutes of Health updates readers on research findings, notices and meetings, and funding and job opportunities for rehabilitation researchers and developers.

From the Community

Disability and Public Health News from the American Association on Health and Disability features news bites, events, policy updates, and research highlights from around the community, including Federal and international sources.

The Friday Update from ADvancing States is a weekly newsletter filled with articles and information of relevance to professionals and self-advocates in the aging and disability communities.

The Association of University Centers on Disabilities offers five newsletters (weekly, monthly, and bi-annual) featuring news, events, and research updates from centers across the US, as well as policy updates relevant to researchers, educators, and administrators.

These are just a few examples of newsletters you can subscribe to free of charge to stay “in the know” about research and development that impacts your community.

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