FEDEAFES: A Federation of Associations of People with Mental Illness and Their Families in the Basque Region

The Basque Country Federation of Associations of Relatives and People with Mental Illness (FEDEAFES, acronym in Spanish) (in Spanish) was established in 1987 in the Basque region of Spain and brings together Basque organizations that support people with mental illness and their families. FEDEAFES and its member organization generate research and exchange information, learning, and innovation in initiatives that seek to improve the quality of life of people with mental illness and their families and promote and disseminate policies and experiences within the Quality-of-Life Model. FEDEAFES also advocates for the dignity and rights of people with mental illness and their families; promotes awareness by participating in forums and networks; and seeks public policies that benefit people with mental illness and their families. As part of its awareness campaign, FEDEAFES shares the latest news about its work (in Spanish) in regard to civil rights, inclusive recreation, research and innovation, and training for people with mental illness, their families, and service providers. FEDEAFES also provides a collection of documents (in Spanish) published by its member organizations on topics related to mental illness, including employment, best practices, social and health interventions, and more. FEDEAFES provides audiovisual resources for people with mental illness and their families (in Spanish) in collaboration with its member organizations. Finally, FEDEAFES and its member organizations also provide information and resources in Basque.

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