Highlighting Research In Focus: Global Accessibility Awareness Day

Tomorrow is the tenth annual Global Accessibility Awareness Day! This day was launched in 2011 to spread the word about web accessibility and connect developers, designers, and content creators to resources they need to build a truly accessible and inclusive Internet. It’s fair to say that Global Accessibility Awareness Day has grown way beyond that first question, “Have you checked your website with a screen reader?” The Internet now touches just about every part of our lives – we work and learn online, we play and gather in digital spaces, we hold virtual happy hours, we even meet our healthcare providers online! Global Accessibility Awareness Day is really about building an accessible and inclusive digital world.

NIDILRR-funded research in accessible and inclusive information and communications technology goes back more than 40 years, from Small Business Innovation Research projects that build and test new technology to five-year Rehabilitation Engineering Research Centers conducting research and development and training the next generation of engineers in inclusive design! Our Research In Focus series has highlighted lots of new and interesting findings from these projects:

Explore the Research In Focus series to learn more about what the NIDILRR grantee community is doing to support the independence and participation of people with disabilities in the virtual world and in the community. 

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