Plena Inclusión: Supporting the Full Inclusion of People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

Plena Inclusión (in Spanish) is the principal intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) organization and movement in Spain. Formed more than 50 years ago, Plena Inclusión is made up today of 19 regional federations and almost 900 organizations throughout Spain. Plena Inclusión brings together 140,000 people with IDD, 235,000 family members, 40,000 professionals, and 8,000 volunteers who provide people with IDD and their families the support that they need to live in the community of their choosing. The goal of Plena Inclusión and its member organizations and federations is the full inclusion of people with IDD, including having their own life projects and participating in society like everyone else. To achieve this, Plena Inclusión provides information, support, and training of people with IDD and their families; advocates for a society is fair and supportive; and raises awareness of the importance of the inclusion and community participation of people with IDD. Plena Inclusión provides information and training (in Spanish) on the types of IDD, quality of life, participation, justice and equality, cognitive accessibility, inclusive education, employment, leisure, and sports, and more. They also provide support to their member organizations and federations (in Spanish). Finally, Plena Inclusión provides the latest news on the full inclusion of people with IDD (in Spanish), publications on full participation and related topics (in Spanish), and VivirCon (in Spanish), a social inclusion program online for people with IDD where they can participate in conversations and share videos on how they would transform their neighborhood or town so that it is more inclusive.

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