TecnoAccesible: An AT and ICT Portal for People with Disabilities and Older Adults

TecnoAccesible is an information portal on assistive technologies related to computer use, the accessibility of consumer technology products, and computer tools for web accessibility. TecnoAccesible focuses on news and information related to assistive technology (AT) that is applicable to the functional diversity and needs of people with disabilities and older adults. The contents of TecnoAccesible’s portal are all related to the accessibility provided by devices and computer programs, the analysis of the accessibility of these consumer devices, and web accessibility. TecnoAccesible provides various ways to learn more about AT and accessible information and communication technologies (ICT), including a catalog, a way to compare products, information on free software, and accessibility tools. The portal also includes information on regulations that affect these types of AT, the cost and availability of these products, their security, and information on the organizations that produce and sell these products. TecnoAccessible shares information on technologies used in telehealth services and the organizations that manage these services. Finally, TecnoAccesible also includes other resources, including a glossary of terms, publications, and Internet resources.

The TecnoAccesible portal works as an international community in which its members create and maintain the contents within the portal, publish news related to accessible ICT, and post events in the community calendar. The members include companies and organizations that develop and create AT products, AT users with disabilities, and other interested parties. To learn more about becoming a member of TecnoAccesible, please contact the portal through their contact form.

About mpgarcia

I'm the Bilingual Information/Media Specialist at NARIC.
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