Survey Opp: Seeking Older Adults and People with Disabilities for Survey on Access to COVID-19 Information

We are sharing this survey opportunity as a courtesy on behalf of the Center for Advanced Communications Policy at Georgia Tech. For information on the study, see the contact listed below.

Seeking Older Adults and People with Disabilities for Survey on Access to COVID-19 Information 

Information and messaging about the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) can be received in a variety of ways and from many sources. As events unfold, how information is shared with the public varies widely, from traditional news to social media and mobile alerts. Early messaging about COVID-19 focused on its severity for older populations and those with underlying conditions, but did those most vulnerable to serious illness form COVID-19 receive timely and accessible emergency information and messaging? 

Georgia Tech’s Center for Advanced Communications Policy is interested in knowing which COVID-19 information sources you rely on and trust, if the information is in formats that are accessible to you, and whether you received the messages in a timely manner. Your responses will be used to make recommendations for more effective preparedness and response messaging strategies and planning for older adults and people with disabilities. The goal of this research is to ensure the same timely and effective access to emergency information for people with disabilities and older adults.  

The survey is open to any U.S.  resident aged 65 or older AND adults with disabilities (any age 18 and up).  We encourage you to take the survey yourself and share it with friends, family, and colleagues so they too can provide their responses. As an incentive for taking our survey, you can enter a drawing to win 1 of 12 $25 Amazon gift cards.

Start the Survey!

If you wish to take the survey over the phone or relay service, please email to schedule a time or call her at 404-839-8741.

This research is being funded by Georgia Tech’s Executive Vice President of Research COVID-19 Rapid Response Seed Grants.

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