Let’s Take a Peek at NIDILRR’s Outcome Domains and Support Areas: The ADA National Network

Welcome back to our series that highlights NIDILRR’s Outcome Domains and Support Areas. Today, we will look at NIDILRR’s Outcome Domain and Support Area on the ADA National Network. Through this research program, NIDILRR helps people with disabilities, business, organizations, governments, and other stakeholders understand and comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) by funding a network of grantees that provide information, training, and technical assistance to interested parties with duties and responsibilities under the ADA. These grantees also conduct research activities on the impact of the ADA on the lives of people with disabilities and their access to employment, state and local governments, transportation, and public accommodations.  

For Fiscal Year 2019, 12 projects focused their activities on research about the ADA and assisting information seekers learn about the ADA. These projects include: 

  1. The Americans with Disabilities Act Participation Action Research Consortium (ADA PARC): Advancing Participation Equity for People with Disabilities builds and expands upon previous collaborative research which has explored how to measure and document participation disparities experienced by people with disabilities. The ADA PARC’s activities include the creation of an immediate access platform where stakeholders can look at participation disparities across thousands of cities; levels of community participation and civic engagement; and economic, work, and financial equity, and resource access. The Consortium also publishes evidence-based, peer reviewed articles on a variety of topics related to disability, the ADA, and participation equity. 
  1. The ADA National Network (ADANN) facilitates the coordination, organization, and collaboration among the ten regional centers in the ADANN and the ADA PARC and generates new knowledge about the optimal methods to enhance stakeholders’ use of knowledge about their rights and responsibilities under the ADA. To facilitate this, the ADANN optimizes the efficiency and impact of the outreach, training, technical assistance, dissemination, and capacity building activities of the centers within the Network. The ADANN provides information, events, and training to assist stakeholders in learning about their rights and responsibilities under the ADA. The ADANN also provide factsheets, guides, and manuals in English and Spanish. To learn more about the ADANN and your rights and responsibilities under the ADA or if you need technical assistance, please contact your regional center. 

The projects within this Support Area produce peer-reviewed articles, factsheets, videos, guideson-demand courses, and more. Here is a sample of what these projects have produced: 

  1. The ADA, addiction, recovery, and employment discusses how the ADA addresses addiction to alcohol, drugs, and the unlawful use of legal drugs in each stage of employment. It also discusses how the ADA ensures that people with disabilities, including people with substance use and alcohol use disorders, have the same rights and opportunities as everyone else and how these protections also apply to people who experience prescription drug use disorder and opioid use disorder. Also available in Spanish. 
  1. The article, Are communities in the United States planning for pedestrians with disabilities? Findings from a systematic evaluation of local government barrier removal plansdiscusses a study that evaluated the existence and quality of city plans used to remove barriers for pedestrians with disabilities across the US. Researchers conducted a systematic evaluation of cities’ ADA transition plans and found that an average of 65% of curb ramps and 48% of sidewalks were not accessible. They also found that many communities across the US have not developed ADA transition plans for pedestrian infrastructure or have developed low-quality plans. 

If you would like to learn more about NIDILRR’s Outcome Domains and Support Areas, other projects or products within the ADA National Network area, or would like more information about the ADA, please contact NARIC’s information specialists. 

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