Ceapat – A Reference Center that Promotes Personal Autonomy for People with Disabilities

The State Reference Center for Personal Autonomy and Technical Assistance (Ceapat, acronym in Spanish) (in Spanish) was founded in April 1989 in Spain to offer quality social services to people in various situations, including people with disabilities, and their families. In particular, Ceapat assists in making the rights of people with disabilities and older people more effective (includes video in Spanish Sign Language) through advocacy for and promotion of comprehensive accessibility and universal design, and supportive and assistive technology for everyone. As a reference center, Ceapat provides information, advice, evaluation, and training and participates in national and international platforms and forums to help facilitate coordination between local, national, and international agencies. Ceapat provides the latest news on disability rights, information for people with disabilities and their families, information on the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19), and easy to read resources. Ceapat also provides information on assistive technology (AT), including the reutilization of AT, and shares a network of home demonstrations related to AT. Ceapat’s library (in Spanish) includes publications related to disabilities, aging, personal autonomy, universal design, and more. Finally, Ceapat provides an electronic campus (in Spanish) where visitors may find information on independent living, disability, accessible tourism, FAQs, and can submit and keep track of their information requests.

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