400 Issues Old and Going Strong!

Mark Odum, NARIC’s Project Director, celebrates a milestone for our News and Notes newsletter!

Many of our readers may be surprised to see that the NARIC project will celebrate the beginning of its 42nd year of continuous funding from NIDILRR (and all of its previous names) this fall. Throughout the years the NARIC staff has developed and published an assortment of products designed to inform users of a wide variety of disability and rehabilitation research, as well as practical quality of life wisdom and advice. Very few of those publications have exceeded their original objectives like our weekly newsletter News and Notes from the NIDILRR Community and Beyond.

This week, we published our 400th issue of News and Notes from the NIDILRR Community and Beyond! When we launched News and Notes in 2012, we wanted to bring attention to the work of the NIDILRR grantee community beyond the journal articles and reports that are a mainstay of research. We wanted to highlight all the “shovel-ready” products that organizations, clinicians, families, and people with disabilities can use right now to support independence and participation in the community. In addition, News and Notes gives us an opportunity to share exciting news from the grantees when their work is covered in local and national news and when they win awards and recognition from the disability and rehabilitation community.

In eight years, we have featured:

  • More than 400 guides, manuals, factsheets, infographics, apps, web tools, video channels, and other resources that can be used by practitioners, advocates, and caregivers.
  • More than 1,400 webinars, webcasts, audio casts, fairs, meetings, conferences, and live training sessions where grantees shared new research, demonstrated technology, presented new interventions, and discussed trends in employment, health, and participation.
  • Over 1,500 media mentions, awards, milestones, and other recognition earned by the researchers, developers, trainers, and fellows who participate in NIDILRR-funded studies.
  • Close to 400 opportunities for everyday people to participate in research, from anonymous surveys to engaging in participatory action research.

If you’re curious, visit the searchable archive and try searching for different articles using your favorite topics. I think you will be surprised at the abundance of issues we have highlighted over the years. Certainly, we have engaged our intended audiences. Our readership continues to climb (signing up is easy – just enter your email address in the big blue box). Even more rewarding to everyone at NARIC, we have gone from sending out reminders to NIDILRR grantees asking them to submit story ideas to getting enough events and ideas to keep our story budgets loaded for a few weeks before our Monday publishing deadline.

News and Notes is one of several publications we produce to highlight the work of the grantee community and the wider world of disability and rehabilitation research. Our Research In Focus series highlights new and interesting findings from NIDILRR-funded studies, presented in reader-friendly, sharable summaries. The NARIC Spotlight Blog is packed with resources, from brief highlights of international organizations to longer articles that curate resources on themes like physical activity, transition to employment, and much more. If you want to dive deeper into the peer reviewed literature, check out our reSearch series, with abstracts of literature indexed in REHABDATA, PubMed, ERIC, and other literature databases; and our monthly REHABDATA Connection alert service which features the newest additions to NARIC’s collection of disability and rehabilitation research literature.

We hope you find our publications engaging and worth sharing with your community. Here is to the next 400 issues!

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