Fundación Descúbreme: Promoting the Inclusion of People with Cognitive Disabilities

Fundación Descúbreme (Discover Me Foundation) (in Spanish) is a non-profit organization that was founded in Chile in 2010 to promote the full inclusion of people with cognitive disabilities in all areas of human development. Since it was founded, Fundación Descúbreme has established itself as one of the principle organizations in Chile that promotes building an inclusive culture at the national level and has solidified sustainable and efficient management models related to the social inclusion of people with cognitive disabilities, through training, advocacy, and consulting with organizations and their staff. The foundation focuses on promoting the inclusion of people with cognitive disabilities in the workforce and in education by training youth and young adults with and without cognitive disabilities. It supports and provides financial assistance to organizations that help build an inclusive organizational culture (in Spanish) in local business and that promote social, educational, and workplace inclusion of people with cognitive disabilities, and consults with these organizations on creating diversity and inclusion policies. Although the foundation does not work directly with people with cognitive disabilities, staff provide information on a range of topics related to workplace inclusion (in Spanish), including local and national laws related to workplace inclusion; maintain a guide of institutions and organizations that assist people with cognitive disabilities so that they are included in the community; and maintain a library of publications (in Spanish). Fundación Descúbreme’s newsletter (in Spanish) covers a range of topics related to people with cognitive disabilities, their inclusion in education and the workforce, and other topics that affect the community participation of people with cognitive disabilities.

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