Accessibility in Spain: The Accessibility Observatory

The Accessibility Observatory (in Spanish) in Spain, a project of the Accessibility Unit of COCEMFE (in Spanish), highlights the importance of accessibility and the use of support products that are essential to improve the quality of life of people with disabilities. The content of the Observatory is available to everyone, with or without disabilities, since accessibility benefits all people within society. The Observatory provides information and advice on assistive technology (AT) and support products, including a full database of AT products and support products (in Spanish), and a regularly-updated catalog of good practices in accessibility. The Observatory also informs the public about news regarding AT products, shares research reports and other publications related to accessibility, and issues reports on accessibility in different areas such as physical, urban, transportation, and communication accessibility. Finally, the Observatory provides links to information related to accessibility (in Spanish), such as universal design, independent living, accessible tourism, disability, accessible leisure, aging, and more. Users of the Observatory’s website may sign up to access features available only to those who register. These features include technical info sheets, info sheets for communities, information on legislation related to accessibility, and more.

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