If you liked … A Brief History of Autism, Part II

Popular with our Spanish readers, “A Brief History of Autism” discusses when children first began being diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders (ASD), how ASD is currently defined, and about studies on ASD. Although we updated the original post at the beginning of the year, it continues to be popular. Since the original post, NIDILRR has funded sixteen projects on ASD and ASD-related topics. These projects include:

  • Researchers at the project on Increasing Community Participation in Young Adults with Autism Living in Rural Communities are assessing the impact of Participation in Rural Settings to Engage in Communities (PARSEC), an intervention for families of young adults with ASD living in rural areas to increase community participation. As they evaluate PARSEC, researchers are determining whether participants report a higher number of days participating in community activities and more variation in those activities in comparison to a control group. Researchers are also assessing the satisfaction of participants with the intervention and are identifying barriers to community participation.
  • Researchers at the project Efficacy of the ASD Screening and Parent ENgagement (ASPEN) Intervention Program in Low-Resource Communities are examining the efficacy of the ASPEN intervention, a culturally-informed parent-mediated intervention program, when it is delivered to caregivers and children at risk for ASD who live in low-resources households. The goal is to improve the developmental outcomes in young children at risk for ASD in these communities and improve parenting practices among their caregivers. The researchers are looking to increase gains in social communication, reduce challenging behavior at risk for ASD, and increase the knowledge and skills for their parents and caregivers.

NARIC’s REHABDATA has over 2,000 articles on autism and related topics from the NIDILRR community and elsewhere. NARIC’s Research In Focus series, which features reader-friendly summaries of the latest research from NIDILRR-funded projects, features several articles related to autism, such as Animation May Help Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders Learn to Use Symbol-Based Communication Devices and Parents Taking Action: A New Program to Empower Latinx Parents of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders.

If you are a person with ASD or the parents of a child with ASD looking for resources, take a look at our Librarian’s Picks: Autism Spectrum Disorder, which lists resources designed to help children and adults with ASD, their parents, their families, and the health and education professionals who serve them to identify information, support, and more. Or, if you prefer, contact NARIC’s information specialists to assist you to find the research and resources that you need.

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