Thanks for the Memories #ADA29; Hello #ADA30!

Today marks the end of a month of celebrating the 29th anniversary of the signing of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Across the country, people came together to recognize the event and to celebrate the progress we’ve made in access and independence for people with disabilities. How did the members of NIDILRR community celebrate? The ADA National Network Regional Centers led the way with events throughout July to commemorate the anniversary including:

There were many more moments shared in person, in blogs, and on social media. Our director Mark Odum shared his thoughts on the anniversary. ACL’s Lance Robertson also talked about the progress made and progress to come. Check out this #TwitterMoment featuring posts across the Twitterverse for the 29th Anniversary curated by the ADA National Network Knowledge Translation Center, #ADA29 moments posted to Facebook, and #ADA29 and #ThanksToTheADA posts on Instagram.

The ADA turns “the Big Three-Oh” (aka 30) a year from now but we’re not waiting to start the celebration. The ADA National Network has already kicked off the 30th anniversary with a new survey, the ADA Impact 2020 Survey, hosted by the Southwest ADA Regional Center:

The information gathered from this survey will help us 1) understand what aspects of society have become more accessible due to the ADA; 2) understand what areas still require further investigation and proposed solutions; and 3) develop and improve the information, support, and guidance needed to help further the goals of the ADA. Whatever your experience with the ADA, we would like to hear from you.

Visit the survey and share your experience to shape the future of inclusion and participation!

Meanwhile, keep writing, posting, and talking about the impact the ADA has had on your life, and what you hope to see in the future!

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