What supports and resources are available for parents of children with autism spectrum disorder?

According to estimates from the Autism and Disabilities Monitoring (ADDM) Network at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), about 1 in 59 children has been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). ASD is reported to occur in all racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic groups and is about 4 times more common among boys than among girls. Once a child is diagnosed, parents, grandparents, and other family members may begin to look for supports and resources to learn more about ASD and to assist them in raising and supporting their child with ASD. Here are a few of the supports and resources available to parents of children with ASD:

NARIC’s information specialists searched REHABDATA and found over 140 articles on supports for parents of children with disabilities from the NIDILRR community and elsewhere. If you would like to learn more about supports and resources for parents of children with ASD, please contact NARIC’s information specialists for more information.

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I'm the Bilingual Information/Media Specialist at NARIC.
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