CILSA and Inclusion in Argentina

CILSA, a non-governmental organization (NGO) founded in 1966 in Santa Fe, Argentina, promotes the full inclusion of people from marginalized sectors of society such as people with disabilities and children and adolescents in socially vulnerable situations. CILSA’s goal is to overcome ideological barriers to achieve a society that does not discriminate or marginalize, giving all individuals equal opportunities for development. The staff at CILSA work towards this goal by generating awareness in the community about the importance of building an inclusive society and promoting the active participation of people with disabilities; improving the quality of life of people with disabilities by delivering orthopedic services and equipment that facilitate their mobility; providing support and working for the rights of children with and without disabilities from low-income families; advocating for higher academic training, professional training, and knowledge of technological tools to help promote the social and occupational inclusion of people with disabilities; and promoting the development of sports and recreational activities as a means of social inclusion. CILSA also hosts campaigns and events throughout the year to promote the inclusion of people with disabilities and other marginalized people. Finally, they also publish a monthly online magazine focusing on and promoting inclusion. For more information, please contact the staff at CILSA.

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