Back to School Isn’t Just for Kids – Continuing Education

Back to school ads are all over the place as we wrap up these last few days of Summer. Kids aren’t the only ones going back to class. Many adults are picking up courses, programs, and individual classes as part of their continuing education. Some fields require individuals to stay up-to-date on what’s happening in their field such as new interventions or practices, policy changes, or innovations on the horizon. This is especially true for fields that require licensing or certification. For example, our Information Specialists are certified by the Alliance of Information and Referral Systems and participate in webinars and conferences to keep their certification active.

Several NIDILRR-funded projects and centers offer courses, webinars, and programs which individuals can take to earn continuing education credits. Here are just a few selections (items marked with $ have related registration fees):

We regularly feature new webinars, online and in-person conferences, and other continuing education opportunities from the grantee community in our News and Notes newsletter. Some may charge for the programs or for the credits they offer, so make sure to follow the links to get the full details.

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