VCU ARRT’s Notice of Postdoctoral Fellowship Position Openings

The NIDILRR-funded Advanced Rehabilitation Research Training Project at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU ARRT) has Postdoctoral Fellowship position openings for postdoctoral students studying a diversity of neurological conditions and disorders. The objectives of the program are to provide comprehensive training in areas relating to neurological disorders and rehabilitation, provide fellows with relevant experience by involving them in ongoing clinical research programs staffed by accomplished medical school faculty, assist fellows in mastering the skills necessary to develop and write scientific publications and successful grant applications, encourage and support fellows’ productivity, and help fellows to successfully find employment after completing the program. These two-year fellowships are founded on outstanding multidisciplinary mentors, didactic experiences, and collaborative and independent research activities.

Fellows are provided, upon request, with clinical supervision to help them meet licensing requirements. They will receive a stipend that is commensurate with NIH guidelines for postdoctoral fellows and will receive funds for course tuition, conference travel, and health insurance.

To begin your application, please send your CV, statement of interests, and three references to the director of the VCU ARRT, J. Kreutzer, PhD, ABPP, at

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