Exploring ADA Research

The NIDILRR community  has conducted research and development activities on the ADA and its impact almost since the law was signed 26 years ago. As NIDILRR’s library, we’ve collected nearly 600 articles, books, reports, guides, curricula, factsheets, and more, produced by NIDILRR grantees. Take a look!

All 559 abstracts (whew!)

Slightly smaller bites:

ADA and Employment (359)

ADA and Architecture (88)

ADA and Education (79)

ADA and Housing (31)

ADA and the Internet (81)

ADA Checklists (15)

ADA and Transportation (64)

ADA and the Arts (7)

ADA and Hospitality/Customer Service (15)

ADA and Recreation/Sports (33)

Learn more about the ADA National Network and the research from the individual regional centers at http://adata.org/research!

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