Right Resources, Right Now

If you’ve followed our Spotlight Blog, you may have noticed our Right Resources, Right Now collection of posts. These articles target a topic and provide links to material developed by the NIDILRR community, as well as other community partners, that can be downloaded, printed, watched, or otherwise put to use by your organization immediately. We often highlight material that can be used for observances like Older Americans Month (which is now) or Mental Health Month (also now). These resources can include:

  • Training materials, guides, or program curricula
  • Webcasts, instructional videos, and forum discussions
  • Articles, eBooks, newsletters, and plain-language summaries of new research
  • Assistive technology, programs, and apps

As you’re planning your organizational activities, check in with us and see what this community has to offer! Look for the Categories drop menu on the right side of this screen and select Right Resources, Right Now!*

*If you’re attending the Alliance of Information and Referral Systems (AIRS) conference, look for our presentation on Wednesday morning to learn more about what the NIDILRR community has to offer and how to stay up-to-date on the newest resources.

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