Digging out!

The Blizzard of 2016 has passed and left us here in DC with a year’s-worth of snow to clean up in just a few days. We were grateful to have lots of advance warning about this storm. We had plenty of time to visit the grocery store and pharmacy to make sure we had food, water, and essential medicines. We could charge up our phones and assistive devices, plus any extra batteries. We had an opportunity to prepare our offices so we can still respond to you while the offices can remain closed. By staying off the roads, they can stay clear for emergency personnel. It will take us several more days to dig out, but being prepared has made such a difference!

Whether you’re teleworking or taking a day to play in the snow, here are some resources you may find helpful whether you’re digging out, building a snowman, or preparing for the next big weather event!

Dig out:

  • Learn how snow removal impacts travel for people with disabilities and how the ADA applies to clearing the streets and sidewalks in this webinar from the Mid-Atlantic ADA Center.
  • AbleData lists products for safe walking, shoveling, even clearing the roof of your car.
  • Need help in your area? Try calling 211 to reach local information and referral. They can tell you who in your area can assist with: shelter, heating, food, medical transportation, emergency home repairs, shoveling, and more.

Be ready:

Go play:

Whether you’re here on the East Coast or watching us dig out from afar, we hope you stay safe and warm… and ready!

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