Hispanic Heritage Month: Spanish Resources from the NIDILRR Community

Did you know NARIC is not the only NIDILRR-funded project that offers information and resources in Spanish?

The Model Systems Knowledge Translation Center offers factsheets for spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury, and burn injury in Spanish. These consumer-level factsheets were developed with the Model Systems and cover topics such as rehabilitation therapies, health and wellness, family matters, and employment. Plus the Rehabilitation Research and Training Center for Developing Strategies to Foster Community Integration and Participation of Individuals with TBI offers their resources in Spanish, too!

The ADA National Network Centers work with clients across the US, assisting individuals with disabilities and businesses and public entities to understand their rights and responsibilities under the ADA and other legislation. The ADA Centers offer multiple publications in Spanish, including ADA Questions and Answers and their newest publication on Service Animals and Emotional Support Animals. The following ADA centers offer additional publications and services in Spanish:

In addition to these grantees, several projects are currently conducting research on issues affecting people with disabilities from the Latino community:

Turning to our own collection, we looked at research articles, books, and reports, as well as consumer materials, from the NIDILRR community and non-NIDILRR sources on disability and the Latino community. And, while the bulk of our collection is in English, we have collected more than 70 consumer publications in Spanish which are available to download free of charge.

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