Saluting Dads!

Father’s Day is coming up and we want to take a moment to recognize dads of all kinds: Dads with disabilities, fathers of children with disabilities, fathers who are caregivers, adoptive and foster fathers, fathers-in-law, grandfathers, even that awesome guy you would be honored to call Dad even though you’re not related.

Parenting is a challenge for anyone. Parenting with a disability presents additional levels of difficulty from the physical challenges of carrying, feeding, and changing an infant when you have limited mobility, to providing a stable home life when facing psychiatric disability.

Resources for Parenting with a Disability from NIDILRR Grantees:

Parents of children with disabilities also face challenges, from understanding and supporting their child’s unique health needs to navigating the educational system.

Resources for Parents of Children with Disabilities from NIDILRR Grantees:

In addition to these resources, please visit our Disability Resources section on Families, listing agencies, organizations, and websites to assist parents with disabilities, caregivers, and parents and siblings of children with disabilities.

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