Mental Health Month Focuses on Early Screening and Intervention

May is Mental Health Month, sponsored by Mental Health America (MHA)! For more than a century, MHA has focused on community-level efforts to promotion the mental well-being of Americans. This year’s campaign is B4Stage4, encouraging people to be screened early to identify mental health or psychiatric disabilities such as depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, and other conditions. Early identification and intervention can mean staying in school or keeping a job, maintaining a stable family and home life, even saving a life. This infographic from MHA breaks down the early warning signs, the stages of living with mental health conditions, and the potential costs of waiting too long to get help.

The NIDILRR community offers excellent tools, resources, and research on mental health and psychiatric disabilities. Here are a few items you can use in your Mental Health Month observances:

These are just a few examples of research and resources mental health, both as a disability and as a secondary condition. Our collection includes thousands of reports, journal articles, books, and multimedia selections on a range of topics relating to mental health. Try these links to explore more:

These and more are available from our collection. Learn more about advanced search techniques or get in touch with an information specialist to craft your search strategy or order any documents you find in your explorations!

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