Let’s Get Physical!

It’s National Physical Fitness and Sports Month, led by the President’s Council on Fitness, Sports, and Nutrition! The observances this month focus on the importance of an active and healthy lifestyle for everyone, including people with disabilities. This can range from adaptive sports to accessible gyms to health promotion campaigns targeted to underserved communities. Did you know the NIDILRR community has many excellent tools and resources to support active, healthy lives for people with disabilities?

These offer just a small sample of the wealth of research on fitness, exercise, health and wellness promotion, and nutrition conducted by NIDILRR-funded projects over the years. Dive deeper into our collection through this advanced search in REHABDATA to find journal articles, books, and reports from these projects and other NIDILRR projects, as well as other sources, most of which can be ordered through our document delivery service.

The warmer weather means more people are out and about, but remember that maintaining a healthy lifestyle should be a year-round activity. Check out the Inclusive Fitness Coalition for other ways you can support health and wellness for every level of ability! We hope these resources help you and your family Get Physical!

*Apologies to Olivia Newton-John for using her iconic song title, but it works so well!

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