Get your hands dirty!

Here in the DC area, we can finally say Spring has settled in! We’ve seen the last frost come and go and gardeners around the Mid-Atlantic are breaking into the potting shed, busting out the gloves and trowels, and getting “down and dirty” in flower beds and strawberry patches.

Gardening is an excellent option for recreation. It has both physical and mental health benefits. Physically, you’re bending, stretching, pulling, and working all kinds of muscles. Mentally, people who enjoy working in the garden say it both relaxes and energizes them. They feel connected with the earth and the environment, and it gives them something positive to focus on, distracting them from everyday worries. Finally, if you plant an edible garden, your patience and hard work are rewarded with fresh, healthy fruits, vegetables, and herbs to add to your diet.

There are many resources available to support the gardener with a disability, from raised beds and widened garden paths to technology and do-it-yourself modifications to common garden tools. We’ve collected a few from the NIDILRR community:

And here are a few from other excellent organizations, agencies, and online sources:

These are just a few examples. Please share your gardening experience, tips, and suggestions in the comment section!

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