A New National Research Initiative on Family Support to Begin in March

The Easter Seals and the NIDRR-funded Family Support Research and Training Center at the University of Illinois at Chicago (H133B140046) have joined together to support a national research initiative called Family Support: Tell Us What We Need to Know. This initiative, which runs from March 9th to March 30th, 2015, is a national dialogue that is available in English and Spanish. The public can provide feedback on topics they believe that family support researchers should investigate. Topics may include but are not limited to practical day-to-day concerns about providing assistance or assistance that has been provided; healthcare; the financial, spiritual, physical, or emotional aspects of being a caregiver; transportation; or education. The commentary provided by stakeholders during the period of the dialogue will be used to mold a strategic plan for family support research in the US.

Who can participate? Family caregivers, people with disabilities, providers, and researchers can be involved in the dialogue through an online forum in English or Spanish, by using a paper form, or by telephone. IdeaScale is being used for the online forum and it is an interactive platform using web-based software. Please register to use the dialogue in IdeaScale. All participants will be asked for their zip code, relationship to family support, age range, and whether they live in an urban, suburban, or rural area. To participate in the dialogue, read comments, register, and participate please visit FSNeedtoKNow.ideascale.com (English) or AFDíganos.ideascale.com (Spanish). To let your network know about the national event via Twitter use the hashtags #FSNeedtoknow (English) and #AFDíganos (Spanish). You can also friend the Easter Seals on Facebook to follow news and updates on the dialogue.

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I'm the Bilingual Information/Media Specialist at NARIC.
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