Proposed Thesaurus Terms

After a careful review of the current REHABDATA Thesaurus, NARIC staff have recommended the following terms to be added to the next edition. We welcome any comments or questions regarding these changes.

American Indian/Alaska Native
This term will replace Native American, following Federal guidelines. Where possible, abstracts will refer to specific nations.

Autism Spectrum Disorders
This term will replace Autism, to better reflect the diverse diagnoses associated with autism, including Asperger’s syndrome, pervasive developmental disorder. This follows the current DSM designation.

Disorders of Consciousness
This term will replace Coma, to better reflect the range of diagnoses association with brain injury, including vegetative and minimally conscious states.

Disaster Planning
This term will be added as an entry or non-preferred term for Emergency Preparedness

This term refers to the use of medical equipment to obtain images for diagnostic purposes. It will be added as a broad term and used for X-ray, MRA, CT, etc.

Intellectual Disabilities
This term will replace Mental Retardation and will be listed as a related term to Developmental Disabilities. This is in keeping with recommendations by the President’s Committee on Intellectual Disabilities and AIDD.

Job Accommodation
This term will be added as a broad term for Job Modification.

Knowledge Translation
This term will be added as a related term to Research Utilization.

Long Term Services and Supports
This term will replace Long Term Care.

The following term recommendation is also submitted for discussion:

This would replace Quadriplegia. Tetraplegia is grammatically correct and is preferred in international literature and by the American Spinal Injury Association. MeSH uses Quadriplegia as an indexing term. The US spinal cord injury community uses Quadriplegia and Quad when self referencing.

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