A Study to Test the Effectiveness of Health Information in ASL in the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Community

The Cancer Genetics Education for the Deaf Genetics Projects team, which is made up of researchers at Gallaudet University and the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), is working to make health information available in ASL. To this end, they have developed health information in ASL about the importance of knowing your family’s health history; specifically, your family’s cancer history. The team is currently testing the effectiveness of this health information and is looking for individuals who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing, over the age of 18, are ASL users, and have access to a working computer and the Internet to participate in their study. All participants who complete the study receive a $40 gift card for their time. If interested, please call 310/954-9031 (VP) or email deafgenetics@mednet.ucla.edu. To learn more about the Cancer Genetics Education for the Deaf Genetics Projects and this study, please visit www.deafgeneticsproject.org and follow them on Facebook at www.facebook.com/DeafGeneticsProject.

Please note: The above blog post is provided to our readers for their information. Neither NIDRR nor NARIC are affiliated with this project. Please contact deafgenetics@mednet.ucla.edu if you have questions.

About mpgarcia

I'm the Bilingual Information/Media Specialist at NARIC.
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