NARIC and Spanish language services

For over three years, the National Rehabilitation Information Center (NARIC) has been providing many of their services to the Latino disability community of the US and the global Spanish speaking disability community. Today, in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15 – October 15), we will share with you NARIC’s Spanish language services. Throughout the rest Hispanic Heritage Month, we will highlight some of the NIDRR projects working to better the lives of Latinos with disabilities in the US, we will highlight articles within our collection that speak to some of the issues that Latinos with disabilities face and NIDRR’s research in relation to these issues, and we will share different aspects of the lives of Latinos with disabilities in the US.

NARIC is the library of the National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research (NIDRR) and, as such, collects, catalogs, and disseminates the articles, reports, curricula, guides, and other publications and products of the research projects funded by NIDRR. These articles, reports, guides, etc. make up the majority of the over 80,000 documents maintained by NARIC and which are disseminated along with information gathered from the NIDRR-funded projects, other federal programs, and from other journals, periodicals, and multimedia through telephone and online information referral. NARIC also maintains REHABDATA a database on rehabilitation and disability issues. Patrons are served via telephone, mail, electronic communication, or in person.

How does NARIC serve the Latino disability community? We have translated our English language website into Spanish, where you can find Spanish language disability related sources, NARIC produced brochures in Spanish, NARIC produced newsletters in Spanish, and our three databases (Knowledgebase, REHABDATA, and NIDRR Program Database) are also available in Spanish.  If you are looking for resources or an information referral in Spanish, you can speak to our bilingual information/media specialist by calling 800/346-2742, you can email our bilingual information/media specialist, you can reach them via our Spanish language chat, or meet with them in person. We do have a Spanish language Twitter feed and Facebook page – great places to look for information in Spanish!

Throughout the rest of Hispanic Heritage Month, we will continue to post about NIDRR projects that work with the Latino Disability community, we will highlight some of the articles available in our collection in English and Spanish that relate to the Latino Disability community, and we will highlight some of the disabilities facing Latinos and different aspects of the Latino Disability community. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you with your information needs!

About mpgarcia

I'm the Bilingual Information/Media Specialist at NARIC.
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