The New Economy: Rethink, Realign, Reinvent – Post-Webinar Sessions from the 2012 National Employment Conference

The Rehabilitation Services Administration presents a technical assistance seminar series, discussing issues raised during the 2012 National Employment Conference. These are free webcasts open to all. Please click the individual session titles for a full description and to access the webcast feed on the day of the presentation. A full calendar of all RSA webinars, with archived sessions, is also available.

2012 National Employment Conference
“The New Economy: Rethink, Realign, Reinvent”
Post-Webinar Sessions

Last year’s National Employment Conference brought together a dynamic group of presenters and approximately 350 participants to discuss the current issues facing the Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) community.  To continue the conversations that started at this conference, selected presenters have been asked to conduct a post-webinar to provide an opportunity to present additional information from their presentations and have the wider VR community participate.  A schedule of all the webinars with their descriptions are provided below:

Thursday, July 11, 2013, 1PM Eastern Time
“The NET: Branding VR’s Business Team”
Kathy West-Evans, Director of Business Relations at the NET-CSAVR
Harley Engelman, Marketing Consultant, KAT Communications
John Evans, Employer Relations Manager, WA State Division of Vocational  Rehabilitation
The National Employment Team or The NET is VR’s response to public and private sector employer customers who requested an easily accessible national team that provides business-focused services. Why is the dual customer approach important? How do we brand the NET as a national VR team focused on business relations? Why is it important to market the NET as a national entity? Why it is important to deliver to business across the country through a collaborative team?  How does VR incorporate a national, regional and state component in marketing? Why and how are CSAVR and VR agencies implementing the national branding strategies?

Wednesday, July 24, 2013, 1PM Eastern Time
“Cloud-based Accessibility: Implications for the Workplace and Employment”
Clayton Lewis, Consultant, NIDRR Cloud Computing Initiative
This session will follow up the discussion at the December 2012 meeting on the implications of the international Global Public Inclusive Infrastructure initiative ( for the workplace and employment.  It will begin with an overview of GPII and an update on recent developments, and continue with discussion with the participants

Friday, August 16, 2013, 1PM Eastern Time
“Leveraging Resources through Relationships: CVS, NYS and PA VR and More”
Tobi Bickweat, Statewide Coordinator for Workforce Development and Business Relations – NYS ACCES- VR
Leslie G. Reis, Senior Manager Workforce Initiatives Department –CVS Caremark
Mary Ann van Alstyne, MS CRC, State Coordinator, Employment Partnerships -NYS Commission for the Blind and Visually Handicapped
Ralph Roach, Supervisor of Policy, Planning and Evaluation Division Liaison for Eastern Employment Rehabilitation Specialist, PA -Office of Vocational Rehabilitation
In these days of shrinking resources, there is no room for duplication of service or effort. Join our August webinar presentation and learn how the CVS Caremark, NY and PA Business partnership has meant success for consumers; and how our relationship has continues to grow!  We will share success stories that define our Business partnership and demonstrate how consistency, responsiveness, trust and deliverables are moving us into new arenas that mean opportunities on the CVS Caremark retail side.

Thursday, August 22, 2013, 1PM Eastern Time
“Employer Perspectives in the New Economy”
Susanne Bruyere, Associate Dean of Outreach ILR School, Director EDI, Cornell University
Judy Young, Assistant Director of Training and Development EDI, Cornell University
The purpose of this session will be to identify, through leader brief framing of the perceived priorities and challenges of employers in the current economy and participant interaction and discussion, what the significance of the current economy is to what employers are currently encountering, their strategic response to this environment, and ultimately the implications for improving employment outcomes for people with disabilities.

To access each webinar, simply click on the hyperlinked presentation title to go to the webinar website.  Please carefully review information provided at this site to ensure your participation on the day of the webinar.  In addition to containing all information necessary to access the webinar, the site also provides the handouts, slides and the accessible version of the slides to be used during the webinar.  You did not have to be an attendee of the presentation or conference to view and participate in these webinars and a complete recording of the webinar will be available at this site the day following the webinar.  If you have any questions regarding access to the webinar, please contact Terry Martin at (202) 245-7275 or

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