Software explains how people who are color blind see the world

At the University of Alicante (UA) in Spain, scientists have designed software that helps analyze the vision of people who are color blind and it simulates how people with colorblindness really see. The software helps to redesign images or objects so that their colors can be seen as distinct from each other by those with colorblindness. This software was developed by the Research Group of Optics and Visual Perception of UA in collaboration with the researchers of the Vision Group of the University of Valencia and is applicable in various fields because color perception can be important in such fields as science and industry.

The software was developed to simulate the perception of people with different alterations of color vision. Dolores de Fez states, “It is only necessary to have a digital file and select one of the three types of color blindness. It allows the expert users to select different models of color vision, adaptation conditions, and output formats. In this way, we can find out if a particular scene can be interpreted correctly when viewed by a person with colorblindness, or if you lose some information.” The software has been tested in real conditions and can be customized according to the needs of the company or a particular disorder.

Read more about this software by reading the article “Un software explica cómo ven las personas que no distinguen colores” (in Spanish). There are several translating sites that can translate the article into English, such as Google Translate and

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