Registration is now open for the RERC on Telerehabilitation State of the Science Conference on June 13th and 14th, 2013!

Registration is now open for the RERC on Telerehabilitation (RERC TR) State of Science (SOS) conference on June 13th and 14th.  The conference will be presented virtually allowing health and rehabilitation professionals, industry partners, government agencies, and consumers to attend from across the globe in the comfort of their home or office.  Continuing education units have been applied for and are currently pending approval.  The daily sessions are as follows:

Day 1: June 13, 2013
Telerehabilitation Technology Usability: Lessons Learned and Future Directions

Communication, information, and computer technology are the foundation upon which telerehabilitation applications are built. As communication channel capacities have opened and widened, new technical barriers to implementation of remote rehabilitation services have emerged. These new technological barriers seem to be largely centered on computing (including mobile computing) hardware and software usability. Several of the RERC on Telerehabilitation R&D projects have either directly or indirectly evaluated usability. For example, the RERC project on prevention and self-management of chronic edema and lymphedema uncovered issues related to the use of computer equipment and diagnostic devices in home environments. The RERC’s development and evaluation of a wellness program for people with spina bifida revealed limitations associated with software on mobile computing devices such as smart phones. In the area of communication technology assessment, the RERC found limitations associated with users’ tolerances to monitoring protocols. There are many more examples.

Day 1 of the RERC-TR 2013 State of the Science Conference will consist of presentations by RERC-TR investigators and others on their experiences with telerehabilitation technology usability. Invited expert panelists will comment on the presented material and lead discussions on potential future directions for research and development to better define usability barriers and to propose solutions for overcoming the barriers already exposed.

Please register for the State of the Science Conference with RST CE at for day One with code: SOSDAY1

DAY 2: June 14, 2013
Telerehabilitation Evidence and an Approach to Uniform Outcome Data

Establishing efficacy of telerehabilitation requires navigating the great diversity of clinical applications, disabilities served, technologies utilized, and professional disciplines involved in the delivery of telerehabilitation services. The existing research on telerehabilitation is limited by a lack of randomized clinical trials, small sample sizes, and a lack of common outcome measures and metrics. An accepted, standardized set of outcome definitions and measures for telerehabilitation (TR) is critical for establishing an evidence base for the efficacy, usability, and cost effectiveness of telerehabilitation services. Such outcomes also facilitate clinical decision-making and optimal communication among caregivers, clinicians, and payers. A set of common outcome measures that have been endorsed by clinicians and researchers is expected to enable researchers to target meaningful outcomes for comparative effectiveness studies that will potentially lead to increased evidence for telerehabilitation.

Day II of the RERC-TR 2013 State of the Science Conference will focus upon disseminating the recommendations of the International Consensus Group on uniform outcomes in telerehabilitation. A panel of experts and stakeholders will present the current status of the evidence for TR, nominate uniform measures for satisfaction and usability and for cost effectiveness, and provide guidelines for a standard approach to measuring efficacy that is conducive to subsequent data aggregation and meta-analysis. The panel will engage the audience in providing formative feedback for implementing the recommended outcome approaches and determining future directions.

Please register for the State of the Science Conference with RST CE at for day Two with code: SOSDAY 2

Advanced registration is required each day.  Please register for the State of the Science Conference with RST CE at  Step by step instructions for registration:

  • Create a new profile or register with your existing profile
  • After you log in, select “Webinars”
    Select “State of the Science, Day 1” or “State of the Science, Day 2”
  • Enter free payment code: “SOSDAY1” or “SOSDAY2”
  • Submit your registration

The primary goal of RERC TR is to make it possible for anyone to access the information provided at the SOS. If you have accessibility issue please contact Joseph Ruffing at 412/624-6279 or by email at  For more information or questions please contact Cheryl Rohall at 412/624-6256 or by email at  The RERC on Telerehabilitation is funded by NIDRR under grant number H133E090002.

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