The Autism App: Future of Early Diagnoses

Would you be able to recognize the signs of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in your child? Children with ASD may display communication challenges, repetitive behavior, restrictive movements, and impaired social interaction. Fairly distinctive signs on paper but difficult for most people to recognize, and unless they are specialists, even some pediatricians cannot diagnose ASD, especially when the signs are mild. With the new autism app being developed by Behavior Imaging Solutions and the Georgia Institute of Technology, parents will be able to pass along video of their child’s behavior patterns to an autism specialist to receive a diagnosis.

Studies have shown that parents of children with ASDs notice a developmental problem before their child’s first birthday, however most diagnoses occur several years later.

The app will allow parents who have concerns to upload video of their child’s behavior to a website where specialists will be able to observe and provide recommendations. Specialists would then report their findings to the family’s doctor or pediatrician, along with further instruction based on the results. Early diagnosis allows children to enter therapy sooner mitigating the effects of communication, physical, and social challenges. The app is currently under development with a release date of early 2014.

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