The Adventures of ‘Batboy’

One-time Cincinnati Reds batboy sensation, Teddy Kremer, will be profiled on this week’s edition of ESPN’s E:60. Last August, Teddy had the opportunity to serve as an honorary batboy for the Reds game against the Chicago Cubs. As much as it meant to Teddy, team members and executives from the organization were moved by their experience with the then 29-year-old.

“People are blessed in their own way,” said Reds second baseman Brian Phillips. “Teddy came in here and blessed us with his energy and his presence that day: Enjoy life, be yourself, go out and play hard. Give it all you got. That’s Teddy. He’s a reminder to us all.”

Ever-the-diehard, Teddy was born with Down syndrome. Doctors told his mother, Cheryl Kremer, that Teddy would never smile, talk, walk, nor have more than a 40 IQ. Teddy started physical therapy at just two-weeks-old. At 13-months he was in speech therapy, by age 7 he was on his school’s swim team, and by the time he was in high school he attended regular math and science classes and was named student-coach for the baseball and football teams.

On August 17, 2012, Teddy got the experience of his life. He wasn’t just a batboy that night; he was an inspiration to an entire organization—smiling and high-fiving his sports heroes. Many players afterwards would credit, in part, the night they got to meet Teddy Kremer for the team winning 22 of a 25 game stretch—including a 7-3 win after trailing 3-1 that night. At the request of players, he was back for this season’s opening night, this time escorted by Miss Ohio, Miss Teen Ohio and an ESPN film crew. Not too shabby, Teddy!

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